ESNcard was created with the principle idea to be used as a membership card, but it also offers a variety of discounts.

The validity of the ESNcard is 12 months, it is invalid without a photo and correct personal data. The card is strictly personal, it shall never be used by somebody else than the card holder.

What kind of discounts does ESNcard offer?

  • in the restaurants, pubs, cafes, pizzerias etc
  • in the language schools, hairdressers, gyms, bowling centres etc.
  • in the xero points, travel agencies at the ESN parties, travels, sport events etc. 

You can check here DISCOUNTS IN LUBLIN

What fields does ESNcard contain?

It consists of several fields, all must be filled while issuing:

  • PHOTO FIELD (for a photograph of the card holder; with a photo size of 2.9 cm x 3.5 cm )
  • NAME (for name and surname of the card holder)
  • ESN SECTION (either the issuing section or home section of the card holder)
  • COUNTRY (home country the card holder)
  • VALID UNTIL (maximum12 months, hence if today is 27/01/2015 you have to put on the card 27/01/2016)
  • CARD NUMBER (unique number of each card)

Who can become an owner of ESNcard ?

You can become an owner, if:

  • You have been an exchange student (e.g. Erasmus or any other exchange programme)
  • You are currently on exchange
  • You are an active member of an ESN section.

How can you get the ESNcard?

You can get it from our ESN section :)