If you don’t know what the Devil's Paw is, we will take you on a little trip, on which you will have a contact with the unexpected guests.

Imagine that you live in sixteenth century Lublin. It's a beautiful, sunny day. You just go for a walk next to the Crown Court.
It's kind of a higher court for nobles. If someone was not satisfied with the judgment of the municipal courts, then she or he could make an appeal to the Court and expect a successful outcome of the trial. Right here you are an witness the process of a widow.This case doesn’t seem to be difficult to judge.

Rich nobleman invaded her property, robbed what was valuable and burned buildings. The woman demanded compensation.
However, the rich nobleman bribed judges and judgment released he found in his favor. The woman didn't give up. 
She appealed to the Crown Court. She came to Lublin full of hope for a just sentence.Unfortunately, as it turned out - nobleman was able to bribe judges.Again, the judgment stated that the nobleman didn't committ any crime. 

The woman was deprived of the chance of recovery even part of her estate. "Even the devil fairer to judge !!" - exclaimed and with the tears ran from the Court.That evening, a strange thing happened ... Near the building of the Court arrived very beautiful, richly decorated chariot, pulled by an exceptionally beautiful horses.The elegantly dressed gentlemen alighted from the carriage. Their coats were decorated with precious stones, trimmed with gold. Were it not for the fact that they had hooves instead of feet, they could have been normal people ...

They went to the Court. On the docket he was again the case of a poor widow. They called witnesses and interrogated them. This time, no one dared to lie in the presence of so extraordinary judges.The judgment, which they released, was in favor of the widow. Nobleman had to give it back looted property and pay compensation for damages. In order to give validity of that judgment, the devil slapped on the table.The hand bounced off on table. This table can still be seen in the lobby of the Lublin castle.
While the devil gave judgment, Christ on the cross in the courtroom he turned his head to the wall.He didn't want to see that hell fairer judgment than the people released. Cross Trybunalski today is located in one of the chapels in the Cathedral.