To track ESN Poland’s history we need to go back in time to 1998 when at Medical Academy in Warsaw the first section was created. Inspired by this idea, students from different cities start organizing small, informal groups which aim at integrating polish and foreign students. One after one there are new sections created which results in 34 sections working in Poland.

ESN Poland’s board includes:
President – Anna Krysiuk
National Representative – Igor Pater
Vice President – Szymon Semper
Treasurer – Filip Wypijewski
Project Manager – Bartosz Saidel

Board of Audit:

Adrianna Skolimowska
Gabriela Kurcińska
Magda Włodarska

Committees of ESN Poland:
FR Committee – Piotr Kleszczewski
HR Committee – Agata Lech
PR Committee – Adrianna Bocheńska
InterKom – Bartek Seidel
IT Committee - Karol Laskowski

Projects of ESN Poland:
Discover Europe
Program Mentor
Exchange Ability

More information on the official ESN Poland’s website.