• From Lviv to Warsaw
Main station in Lviv is called DWORZEC STRYJSKI. Most of the taxi drivers DO NOT speak ENGLISH. Use some key words to communicate with them easily. You can buy ticket online or at the bus station ( until 5-6 PM ).The price of the ticket is approximately 40-50 PLN .

• From Chopin Airport
To Lublin
Take a bus that is going directly to Lublin. Search for ‘CONTBUS’ company. The bus leaves from platform 6 at the airport. You might also take the train (Koleje Mazowieckie) that goes to Central Warsaw and then change to train that goes directly to Lublin. Remember that you need to have two different tickets!

To Central Warsaw
Train leaves every 20 min and it goes to Central Warsaw ( railway station). While getting out of the airport, there are machines to buy desired ticket. The ticket costs around 6 pln.

• From Modlin Airport
To Central Warsaw
You can use the service of ModlinBus. It links Warsaw city centre directly with Modlin Airport terminal, operating 24h a day. Tickets can be purchased on board of the bus, at the airport or online. Payment by cash, card or foreign currency. If you buy the ticket in advance, the price can be lower. Suggested to buy the ticket online.

• From Warsaw Central Railway Station ( Warszawa Centralna)
By train
You can buy the ticket at the railway station or simply online. If you book the ticket in advance,
it can be a bit cheaper. Students are allowed to get 51% of discount for railway tickets.
Unfortunately, before your arrival to Lublin, you need to pay full price (without the discount).
The discount is only valid with POLISH student ID. Otherwise you might be fined. Pay attention!

By bus
The most popular bus company is PolskiBus. Its stop is near Palace of Culture and Science – that is the main stop square for all the buses. The tickets are really cheap – if you book it in advance, you can get a ticket in price of 5 pln or sometimes even less. Avarage price of the ticket is 20 pln. It is much cheaper to use PolskiBus than any other company or even a train while arriving to Poland. There is a wi-fi in PolskiBus. It might be just slow.

If coming by bus
Main bus station is located on Aleje Tysiąclecia 6. If you want to get to Lublin University of Technology dorms, you need to take bus 32 or 39. Your destination stop is ‘ POLITECHNIKA LUBELSKA’.

If coming by train
You can take a bus number 161 that takes over form DWORZEC GŁÓWNY PKP O1
( WĘGLIN direction ). After six stops you will leave the bus at POZYTYWISTÓW 02. Then you need to change into the bus 39 and leave on POLITECHNIKA LUBELSKA stop.

To use buses in Lublin, you need to buy the ticket. There are two types of tickets you might get.
1. Bilet normalny ( literally it’s ‘normal ticket’) which is without any discount.
2. Bilet ulowy – ticket for students. You can only use it with POLISH student ID.
While coming to Lublin you should buy BILET NORMALNY. It costs 4 pln.

• Public Transportation:
In Lublin you can take advantage of wide net of buses and trolleys. All the schedules and connections you can find here: (there is also special application for your phone). The easiest way to find your bus or trolley is to look up by the name of the station.
Buses to the LUT: 8, 14, 15, 32, 39, 40, 44, 152, N1
Buses to the city center ex: 3, 7, 13, 26, 40, 55, N1, N2, N3

We would recommend you using two applications that are the most convenient especially for smartphone users. First one is . You can use it not only on your cellphone but also on laptop. You can check connections, departures and schedules for desired stop or destination. The website works also in English. The website/application is created for 23 cities in total. While going to Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław or Rzeszów feel free to use the app!

Second one is mobileMPK ( shortly mMPK). It’s an app for Androids but it works as a web application as well. The biggest adavantage of this app is that it works offline. Both the schedule and the map is available offline. It just needs an update after downloading.