Our Trip to Bieszczady is getting closer ant there is a few reason why you should go with us.


1. Peaceful and quiet

Full of peace and silence, thesefantastic things can anybody find in Bieszczady Mountains. Here, you can really rest and forget about everyday race, just take a breath and go to discover this beautiful place. People fell in love with the mountains come here and start new lives.

2.  Wildness: Bieszczady National Park

Located in the southernmost portion of Poland, Bieszczady National Park is one of the country's largest national parks. The park's riches include the large predators that inhabit it, including wolves and lynxes. Bears can also be spotted here. Another of the park's attractions is its growing herd of bison, at present numbering around 280 members. This is the second-largest collection of wild bison in Poland. A large population of deer and stags live here as well, as do over 140 species of birds. The park also hosts a Hucul horse farm.


3. Lake Solina

Those who prefer to watch mountains from the valleys and do not like to climb probably come to enjoy lake next to Solińska dam. The lake also offers sailing, cruises and a variety of water sports. The biggest attraction is the dam, which you can not only walk through but also visit inside.


4. Bieszczady Starry Sky Park

Dark sky is our natural wealth, heritage, which we should protect the same way as we do the environment. Bieszczady Starry Sky Park (Poland’s second, after the Izera Dark-Sky Park, and Europe’s sixth) covering over 113 ha across the Bieszczady National Park, the San Valley Landscape Park, and Cisna-Wetlina Landscape Park. On cloudless and moonless nights you can see more than 7,000 stars here with the naked eye. An information centre of the Bieszczady Starry Sky Park has now opened in Stuposiany, featuring telescopes for night and day-time observations and a mini-observatory, near the Chata Socjologa Cabin on Otryt , which features the biggest telescope in the Bieszczady.


5. Local cheese- Oscypek

You have to remember one important thing: the original oscypek, i.e. sheep’s’ cheese, is a seasonal speciality. The sheep’s milk in the oscypek comes from Polish mountain sheep. If you cut the oscypek in half, it is lightly creamy in colour. It has a spindly shape, like two cones touching at the base, it is from 17 to 23 cm long, with a diameter from 6 to 10 cm at the broadest point.

The most delicious version is baked Oscypek with cranberry jam.